Playing Doctor in the Animal Hospital Ward

Let me begin by making apologies. Today, according to the calendar, is POW/MIA Recognition Day, and tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah. I ask for your indulgence because I am not going to talk about anything too serious today. I can’t.

Grief changes over time, but there are still things that I feel overwhelmed to tackle. These days while I should be preparing for house guests next week, I am confronted with tasks I avoid because they hit too close to home, and a substitute organist job, which I’ve agreed to do, but for which I feel unprepared and out of practice to do well.

So. I will narrate the task I have been working on instead of the many things I should be doing. I have been playing Doctor in the animal hospital ward, which involves the friends I discussed in my last post, should you have missed it. Specifically, it involves two ancient bunnies, given to me when I was a wee slip of a girl.  They are named (as of yesterday) Pink or Pinkie and Blue or Blue Boy, after the famous painting. They are so old that they cannot hold their heads up, and watching movies with the other kids is nearly impossible. So, I have begun surgery.

Yesterday, while Blue was standing guard, I cut an incision in Pinkie and removed all of her innards.  I was amazed when I saw what all came out of her, but realized the problems. The spongy material is no longer springy, and wires that once held up her ears are just poking out and not doing their job. I had to use a crochet hook to get the stuffing out of her arms and legs.

This is what Pinkie looked like without her innards.

Next, I bathed Pinkie with gentle soap. I carefully got her as clean as possible and then rinsed her off and patted her dry with some towels. I laid her down, and her friend Blue Boy kept watch over her. Blue Boy will need surgery next, and I had to give him a little prop to keep his head up to keep an eye on Pink.

Last evening, I brought down my hairdryer and gently used it to dry Pinkie a bit more. Then, as it was getting late, I arranged their bedding in a different location. I am pleased to report that they spent a quiet night together with a little nightlight shining over them.

This morning, I took a picture of the two of them, and Pinkie’s fur looks much better. It is also drying nicely. Before too many days pass, I should be able to restuff her with fresh and springy filling. Then she will be able to stand watch over Blue while I do the same for him.


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