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Nothing Prepared Me For This

I had a wonderful evening last night with my brother and sister-in-law. They had invited me to join them for dinner. The food was delicious, the view from their patio lovely, the evening weather beautiful, the company perfect. After loitering … Continue reading

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Pray For A Eucatastrophe

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about the friendship between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. On my book page I wrote this: To cut to the chase, let me suggest a book that seems perfectly tailored for reading … Continue reading

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Personal Battles

Not very long ago, I posted a request on my personal Facebook page for a close friend battling a rare disease. I share it now and ask my readers who are praying sorts to please do so for my friend. … Continue reading

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A Riptide of Grief

Long ago, at Folly Beach in South Carolina, some good times were interrupted by what seemed to me to be an eternity of terror. If you have experience with riptides, you probably know just what I mean. We were in … Continue reading

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A Short Fuse

I apologize if I have been rude to you.  I lashed out at a friend the other day.  I just lost my temper.  I have not felt very well put together of late. I seem to have little margin to … Continue reading

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Six Weeks

When you lose everything you own, in some kind of natural disaster, you are stunned. After the horrifying sounds, you look around you, gathering your own close, you cannot believe what you see. There’s no roof. Glass and rubble are … Continue reading

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What Now?

Amongst my family, friends, and folks that I keep in touch with via emails and FB and the like, it seems quite clear that everyone has a lot on their plate right now. If there was any doubt, a glance … Continue reading

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Remedial Lesson Prompted by Facebook and Lent

The other day I posted a little verse I wrote years ago which was about how not to pray. It appears that almost no one looked at it, but I do hope that the couple of people who said that … Continue reading

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A Test and A Gift

Amidst the junk emails that come to my personal email account are those few from friends and family with news or an article worth taking time to read, a story worth a listen, or maybe a few cartoons or photos … Continue reading

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Character — Be One and Have One

Some of my family and quite a few of my friends are real characters. They are unique – one of a kind, human gems. Some make you laugh or roll your eyes; a few tell very highly embroidered tall tales. … Continue reading

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