A Widow’s Modest Proposal to the Lord

Earlier this year, after my husband’s death, I went to the mortuary on business. As I was leaving, I mentioned that now that I am living alone, I find myself talking to inanimate objects around the house. The man who had been assisting me laughed and opined, “that isn’t a problem unless they answer you!”

Well, you can all relax; none of the inanimate objects have answered me. But recently, I’ve pondered that situation and have a modest proposal to suggest to the Lord.

In addition to the usual apologies to a table I run into with a vacuum cleaner, I always try to be polite to the inanimate objects and animals that share the house with me.

There is both a concrete rabbit named Beatrix and a metal guard dog, named Anthony, that keep watch for me.  (Aside, Anthony is currently at the dog hospital, getting repainted.) Also, several dozen stuffed animals grew up with me or were gifts, or in one case,  bought this year, while some belonged to others before me. (Aside, Peter, the penguin was purchased this year. The cocktail muddler was assisting him with balance. Flopsy, the bunny, was a gift to me along with some beautiful tulips this last Easter.)

People created these creatures. Human brains conceived them. Human hands cast them in concrete or metal, then painted them, or human hands cut out the material and sewed them together, adding eyes and ears, tails and paws, and sometimes making them clothes. In the case of Raggedy Ann, human hands added a stitched-on heart.

I regularly talk to them; most of them live upstairs in the Rialto Theatre, and whenever time allows, we watch movies together. They seem to enjoy their new seating arrangement in the family cradle made for my daughter.

My modest proposal to the Lord is that in the Kingdom of Heaven, He breathes life into even the little inanimate creatures much loved by little (and not so little) people of the world so that they too can share in conversations, making them no longer one-sided.

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6 Responses to A Widow’s Modest Proposal to the Lord

  1. ceafryer says:

    A lovely proposal!

  2. gailrvt says:

    Is there a doubt? I’ve never understood those who think of heaven as a humans only place. Eden was a place to love all and be loved, to serve all and be served. And it was a garden.
    “A new heaven and a new earth.” While this more-than-restoration newness is beyond our experience, it makes no sense to me to say it is “other” to it. Anyway. Faith, hope and love abide (speaking of through death) and the greatest of these is love. Love those creatures and I faithfully hope perfect love for you will surprise you. JR

  3. Jan Seibel says:

    Very sweet! I too have names for many…my daughter adopted one as well and he still carries the name Snoopy, although he doesn’t look like Snoopy. I’m sure he shares in many more stories with her now. I had the joy of watching Toy Story with the grandkids once and I couldn’t help but think about my toys talking in my bedroom after I’d leave.
    You should watch it, if you haven’t already, it may add a little joy to your heart and life to your friends!! 💕

  4. AECRM says:

    JR — What you’ve written cheers me very much. Thanks! I’ll tell the little ones.

  5. AECRM says:

    Jan, I have seen Toy Story — but it has been a while. Thanks for your sweet thoughts. Fun to get to watch such shows with grandchildren! Enjoy. Ann

  6. GodsGadfly says:

    Oh, what a splendid hope! 😊🙏

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