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After Midnight

After midnight, in the wee hours of Friday morning, I find that I can neither sleep nor write a blog post. Yesterday, I accomplished a respectable amount. I thanked another doctor, wrote a few more notes, and paid some bills. … Continue reading

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Learning to Keep My Mouth Shut – Asking Your Advice

My confession: I am a reformed horrible speller and still struggle with grammar and syntax. I have improved a great deal, but I am still very conscious of those liabilities. I have worked hard over the years to overcome those … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Fix It, It Won’t Go Away, and Some Days it is Crushingly Painful

  Despite what other people’s lives look like on the surface, I would say that probably all of us, at some time or another have been overwhelmed by fear, loneliness, pain, sorrow, or loss that is so overwhelming we don’t … Continue reading

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In time of trial: On Hobbits and Narnians

I started writing this post prior to Christmas when the recent events in Paris and California reminded me that we do not live in tranquil times. Life intervened and I hadn’t the time to finish it. Since then there have … Continue reading

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A Rebel in the Wrong Century

In a season colored by my impatience with job and debt, and frustration with the quick passing of the nano seconds between receiving my paycheck and applying it to digging out from under, I take time every day to give … Continue reading

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