Things are Looking Up

As some of my friends, family, and readers of my blog may already know, I have been dealing with severe house issues since a major storm did terrible damage to my home way back in late March. The following paragraph is from American Electric Power:

AEP provided an update on social media regarding the restoration efforts, saying crews worked tirelessly through the night to restore power to almost 60,000 customers. AEP’s field personnel from various states, including Texas, are still working to restore power to remaining customers, especially in badly hit areas like northeast Ohio, Portsmouth, and Upper Sandusky.

I wrote blog posts about it here:

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Despite the damage to my home, I felt that our insurance company has been working at a snail’s pace. On Saturday, I could stand it no longer and went to their office. After waiting for some time, I finally was able to talk to our insurance agent. She told me the go-ahead to restore would be given within the next couple of days.

So despite all the frustrations along the way, Ron’s & my home will finally be decked out and made whole again. Thanks to our builders, or should I say amazing re-builders!

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4 Responses to Things are Looking Up

  1. Michael T Carr says:

    I hope that agent was correct and you hear soon that you can go ahead with the repairs.

  2. AECRM says:

    Thank you, Mike! It helps to have friends who are cheering me on. Likewise, it helps to know that I have friends who are following this crazy saga. Cheers!

  3. John David Bryant says:

    Wow. Really—wow! It’s mind-boggling the level of challenges you faced/face.

  4. AECRM says:

    John, you are spot on, it has been pretty overwhelming. Thanks for your comment!

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