Ann Miko

I started writing When the River Won’t Flow while living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona when we were having trouble finding a church home. You can read about that here: When the River Won’t Flow: Wanting a Seat in the Pew

We moved to Ohio in September 2018. Much has improved since that first very rough year. Our home feels mostly tamed at this point and the last of our broken furniture is being repaired.  You can read about that here: When the River Won’t Flow: Our Hands Are Full

This December we gleefully decorated our Ohio home for Christmas for the first time since moving here.

We have had a variety of house guests, both friends, and family, and we have enjoyed sharing dinners & conversations with friends and family as well.  Life is truly looking up. Our books are mostly shelved, our flooded basement has been dealt with, and our medical issues appear to be more routine than in 2019.

My husband, who moved to Arizona at age 5, still has trouble with the cold of Ohio but continues to be optimistic about taming our yard. He loves feeding the birds, leaving treats in the yard for the rabbits and squirrels, and making plans with me for the garden.

We have had a very rough couple of years. In 2020, I intend to be more regular in my writing, and greatly appreciate all of the followers and readers of my blog. Please check-in, like, and leave short comments whenever you can.  For longer comments, I would ask that you email me at

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Ann Miko,
January 13, 2020