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Dr. Elton Lehman Amid the Amish of Wayne County Ohio

Please allow me to offer a pleasant distraction to the current political wrangling that seems unending.   Recently, on October 30th, I wrote A Delightful Getaway about a visit I spent with friends on their farm. For this grieving woman — it was … Continue reading

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Preemptive Strike

Of course, if you see it coming, it is nice to avoid the potholes of life. But if you weren’t born yesterday, you are well aware that potholes sometimes leap out at you from behind a rock. Long ago, nearly … Continue reading

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The19th Anniversary of 9/11/2001

In these contentious political days, when rioters have toppled historical monuments in cities all across America, it is imperative to say a word about history. As individuals, we bring our baggage to the understanding of the world and its history. … Continue reading

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Old School Musings

I miss the public world I used to inhabit. Perhaps you remember it? Sometimes I think that maybe I just imagined it all.  Sadly it seems such a long time ago. When I was a kid, it seemed as if … Continue reading

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Learning to Keep My Mouth Shut – Asking Your Advice

My confession: I am a reformed horrible speller and still struggle with grammar and syntax. I have improved a great deal, but I am still very conscious of those liabilities. I have worked hard over the years to overcome those … Continue reading

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The Crucial Difference between Respecting Adults and Showing Respect

When our child was young we made a critical decision regarding teaching the idea of respect. We never taught our daughter to respect adults. Why? Because some adults are not worthy of respect. Because we wanted our daughter to be … Continue reading

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Freedom of Choice in Education: part one

From Parochial School to Public School Our daughter started four-year-old half-day kindergarten in a small parochial school with a wonderful teacher who infected her students with eagerness to learn and easily captured their imaginations. An elderly friend once asked our … Continue reading

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