A Small Lenten Offering

The days of Lent are traditionally a time of contemplation, introspection and, renewal of faith. Beginning with the ashen crosses on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday, we walk with the Lord, until we stand, beneath the cross on Good Friday. Then we wait and keep watch, while his body is in the tomb on Holy Saturday.

We weren’t able to attend worship on Ash Wednesday. We are living like shut-ins; in that waiting time between my husband’s emergency room hospital visit and follow up doctor appointments. He has something going on in one lung. The cold weather causes him great distress. We have managed to attend worship just one time since the New Year. We are hunkered down at home with snow everywhere outside. The time is 1:47 a.m. I am typing in our home office; I can hear his coughing in the bedroom.

Where I write But it is Lent. It seemed appropriate in addition to our daily prayers, to do something for someone else. Yesterday I thought of one thing I could do without going out. I wrote three little hand-written notes on note cards. All three of the people I wrote live alone. The first one went to a lady from our former church in South Carolina. The second note went to my daughter’s Godmother, who, with her sister, is soon to take a trip from California to Texas. The third note went to a man from our former church in Arizona, who lives alone and has little family nearby.  It is a small thing. But it was something I could do for others without leaving home, courtesy of the USPS.

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  1. Nancy Hazle says:

    Good praying there, Ann!

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