This Old Lady Who Parked Her Brain

Because I am an idiot periodically and don’t always foresee the consequences of my actions, I sometimes have to pay the price. I love to feed the birds and bunnies that eagerly await my arrival.

One of my brothers was kind enough to make me a tiny red picnic table the perfect size for a visiting squirrel. Alas, I put bird seed instead of apple slices or some such on it. Now I have sunflowers and all manner of odd plants which have turned a portion of my backyard into the wild kingdom.

Yesterday I started the arduous task of taking a large load of old leaves and sprouted plants to the landfill. I thought I would never be able to lift that tarp into the car’s trunk. It took me umpteen tries before I was finally successful.

After I took it to the landfill, another feat of muscle not even vaguely like Popeye’s, I was soaking wet from head to foot. I stopped in the local grocery store, picked up some ice cream, and paid for it while apologizing for my filthy self.

After a shower and a considerable amount of ice cream, I concluded that I had to pace myself. So I am chilling today and doing lighter work. Weather permitting, I will try this again tomorrow.


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7 Responses to This Old Lady Who Parked Her Brain

  1. Margaret says:

    Phew your adventure yesterday wore me out! 🥲

  2. I love your accidental garden, though! I’ve had those from bird seed, too. It delighted me to see just what came up! I love those kind of surprises! have gardening fun at a pace you can enjoy!!

  3. AECRM says:

    Thanks, Kath — it certainly was a surprise!

  4. Ellen Summers says:

    I have long been aware of the healing properties of ice cream. Glad it helped you feel better!

  5. AECRM says:

    Thank you, Ellen. I am cheered by your wisdom regarding its healing properties.

  6. Janis Seibel says:

    What a story! I do think I remember a long trip to the store to get ice cream while I was visiting. Too fun!!!

  7. Beth A Schlegel says:

    I love the gifts of sunflowers and thistles left by wintering birdseed. The goldfinches love them too!

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