This Old Lady Who Parked Her Brain, Part 2

“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” -Winston Churchill

I pondered that wisdom. This time, I had the foresight to put the tarp in the trunk first while bringing a load of nasty four-foot high weeds and invasive vines to it. Then I could pull the top of the tarp toward me while pushing the contents back. This new strategy worked enormously well.

By the time I had cut down and loaded the vine, I headed to the landfill to dump the mound of the garden invaders. I had to wrestle a bit to get the contents out of the trunk but succeeded. Then came the catastrophe.

I discovered that I was locked out of my car. Looking through the windows, I could see no keys. Not on the floor. Not in the ignition. My purse was out of sight, with a spare set of keys in it, but, short of breaking a window, I couldn’t see how that would help.

I was seriously pondering total despair when it occurred to me, thank you, Jesus, that I should look through the tarp full of weeds newly dumped. Thankfully I still had my work gloves, so sorting through the prickly vines, some of which had nearly inch-long thorns, was better than it could have been. But the keys did not seem to be there.

Hunting for my car keys sorely tested my willingness to persevere. I finally found them. They were lying in the dirt with all the contents of the tarp on top of them. By this time, soaking from head to foot, I drove to the local grocery store and brought home ice cream. After my shower, I started to feel a wee bit better. But the ice cream and an evening filled with mindless online video games and accompanied by the music videos of my favorite late and great performers saved the day.

One more thing helped, taking some pictures after this week’s taming of the wild kingdom.

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13 Responses to This Old Lady Who Parked Her Brain, Part 2

  1. mamawink5 says:

    Very nice! glad you found your keys

  2. Bree Cornelius says:

    You write so we’ll. I could feel the anguish.

  3. Judith McCorkle says:

    Congrats on finishing an almost impossible task. I have to weed my garden in stages and try to do a bit every day. Mercifully it is raining this afternoon. We are about 5 inches short of our average for this time of year in Indianapolis. I wish we lived closer and could help each other. You did a good job in analyzing your problem!!!

  4. Janis Seibel says:

    What a task to undertake and then in the glory of it all, to misplace your keys. So thankful they appeared to continue to make this event an exciting occasion! Cleaning out the weeds is never a fun task, especially when they are that size!!

  5. WOW!! That is more work outdoors for any reason than I think I would be ABLE to do, let alone Willig to do. This is why I always rent!! And then to lose your car keys on tp of it all!! I am glad ice cream and fun game s and a shower (I guess not inn that order!) were available to calm yo down — not to mention finding your car keys. You have so many odd adventures! Praise God for the little things–

  6. jane jennings says:

    Congrats for taking on such a monumental task! My garden is so full of weeds I don’t know where to start!

  7. Your garden looks lovely! All your effort was well worth it! I feel your pain. I try to keep up with my garden and I helped a friend de-vine her front yard beds. Definitely worth it, for the camaraderie and the results! The pain part is the horri bout of poison something that has one arm swollen and itchy spots all over. Spreads so fast if you don’t catch it! I’ll live.

  8. AECRM says:

    Kath, I am so sorry about your situation. You better live or I’ll be really perturbed off. We go back way too far for this sort of thing. Get well soon & know that your cheering section is working overtime! Love you! Get well soon!

  9. Beth A Schlegel says:

    You certainly are an ardent and arduous gardener! I do post-winter and post-summer perennial weeding — sort of — when it rains, and I’m not working. or ….

  10. AECRM says:

    I know what you mean. I can only stand to work on it about once a week! It is truly the wild kingdom.

  11. AECRM says:

    I would follow your pattern if these were ordinary weeds. Think of Kudzu in the southern states. These weeds want to take over. I just refuse to let them win.

  12. I know how you feel. It seems that losing things can cause so much anguish and we always blame ourselves at being so silly. I have lost keys so many times I now wear them on a lanyard round my neck. Sad but necessary.

  13. AECRM says:

    Thanks, I never thought of that option.

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