The Mixed Blessing of Our Last House

We are selling our house and moving. As a disclaimer, this was my husband’s idea. He loves me very much, and it occurred to him that the discrepancy in our ages might cause some difficulties for me in the future.

He returned home from his tour of duty in Vietnam when I was in second grade. His eldest daughter was born when I was not yet five years old, and his youngest daughter was born when I had been six for a few short months.

He is a thoughtful man, and it occurred to him that perhaps it would be prudent to move into a house in my home state where I have kith and kin.  I have specifically, three brothers, two cousins,  a flourish of inlaws and many friends of long standing from high school, church, and college.

I love my dear Arizona family, our many friends here, the quest for a church which prompted the name of this blog, and ultimately the church which found and nurtured us.  Then, too, there is the wild and remarkable land that is Arizona.  Despite all of these, I wouldn’t choose to stay in this sunny land if I were by myself. So, bless him, my husband made the call and said that he thought I would be happier nearer to my family, my old stomping ground, my old friends.

So this is it. Later today we will find out whether the house that appeals to us is the right house for us to purchase. My oldest brother and his wife will be going through the house with our realtor on our behalf.  Later today we may be making an offer on the house.  Not any house but our last house.

Then begins the bittersweet tasks of leave-taking, packing up, preparing and explaining why we are moving precisely two thousand and forty-two miles from our current to our last home.

It is bittersweet indeed. Leavetaking often is. We will not get to see our Pomegranate continue to grow strong and bear fruit. We will not be able to finish our plans for our quarter acre yard which included a rose covered pergola for dining out with friends.  We will not be present for the milestone celebrations of our Arizona friends and family.

We are excited about the prospect of a new beginning. We are eager to be close to my family and friends. But you will forgive me if I keep the cover picture for my blog. That is one of a million brilliant sunsets as seen from our back patio. A view I love and will never entirely leave behind.

Blessings are often bittersweet.   It is not wrong to care intensely about what you must leave behind.  It is not wrong to cherish sweet memories that touched and enriched your days.


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4 Responses to The Mixed Blessing of Our Last House

  1. Nancy Hazle says:

    Ah, Ann, I never got to visit you in Arizona, but the gorgeous photos you posted of the flowers and sunsets will stay in my mind. I’m so glad the Lord took you two to Arizona to have this time together. May He continue to bless you on this next move.

  2. AECRM says:

    Nancy, thank you for the kind words. You might like to see, if you haven’t already, the bucket list vacation we took in Arizona last month. Lots of pictures. The blog post concerning it is called A Parsec of Stress Prompts Delicious Escape. The last post before this one. Cheers to you & Phil.

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    So happy we had our AZ visit with you. We’d probably never have another. There was a chance, but it was very slim. Was hard to give up the AZ house knowing all the doors it would close when I sold it. Bob’s place had been our home base for decades. The same feeling was even worse selling mom’s OH condo. Closing doors…it can be so hard. Opening new ones, even when you want to is hard too. Change is not always easy unless one is always ready for an adventure. I am not one of the adventuresome souls. If I were, I would not be still using a flip phone. Here’s to hoping you enjoy the ride on your new adventure. Love and hugs always.

  4. AECRM says:

    We are hoping to enjoy the ride! We may know some news soon on the other house — our agent is putting in an offer on our behalf. Regarding our house here, it will go on the market soon. I am a sentimental fool at times and wish this house would go to someone who would love the nightly unobstructed sunsets and who would appreciate the gorgeous pomegranate tree; and the cacti with spectacular flowers. It is in God’s hands — and we are content with that. By the way — the Ohio house will have guest rooms! Love & hugs to you & Paul.

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