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Thanking God For Their Lives

The year is 2017, and this is Memorial Day weekend.  For some, this may mean a Monday off work, a barbecue with friends,  a get-away weekend, and perhaps maybe even flag flying.  For many, this day blends right in with … Continue reading

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Love and an Acre of Land

Once upon a time there was a married couple who preferred, despite everything that demanded their attention or pulled them in different directions, to be together. They were so connected with each other and so happy being together that sometimes … Continue reading

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In Time of Trial: On Hobbits and Narnians

I started writing this post prior to Christmas when the recent events in Paris and California reminded me that we do not live in tranquil times. Life intervened and I hadn’t the time to finish it. Since then there have … Continue reading

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A Bit of an Edge

I have written blog posts on a whole variety of subjects, but today I write, not about an idea or issue, but about a man. He is a man who can tell a story and who has a handshake that … Continue reading

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In the face of evil

Congregational life in a church can be very supportive, happy, helpful. But life isn’t lived in platitudes. I remember a few days after the attacks on 9/11 sitting in a drive through line at the bank and seeing a large … Continue reading

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