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My husband and I have talked about everything under the sun. It should not surprise you that we had some fascinating conversations about Heaven. Both his parents and mine are deceased, and neither set of parents lived to know that … Continue reading

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Nothing Prepared Me For This

I had a wonderful evening last night with my brother and sister-in-law. They had invited me to join them for dinner. The food was delicious, the view from their patio lovely, the evening weather beautiful, the company perfect. After loitering … Continue reading

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Tears in Church

All of my adult life, I have had trouble with crying.  When you cry in front of people who do not know you well, it is often alarming to them, and an embarrassment to you. I am writing this on … Continue reading

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The Problem Child

I have heard it said that the problem child never really leaves home. I know that I have occasionally been that child, turning up from time to time, asking for help. But this problem child would like it to be … Continue reading

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A Riptide of Grief

Long ago, at Folly Beach in South Carolina, some good times were interrupted by what seemed to me to be an eternity of terror. If you have experience with riptides, you probably know just what I mean. We were in … Continue reading

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The Color of Grief

June 24th marked three months since my husband died. I am doing better. The country is divided and embroiled in attacks, mobs, destruction, death, all manner of hateful things. All I seem able to do is try to get through … Continue reading

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I Can’t

I do not have it in me to fight culture wars. It hasn’t yet been three months since Ron died — and I do not have it in me to engage in much of anything on social media. Except, when … Continue reading

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A Hitchcock Love Story

Every once in a while – you just need to chill. I find that news, personal grief, and filing five months’ worth of papers, primarily regarding my husband’s sickness and death, have given me ample reason to want to chill. … Continue reading

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A Visitor

Only two times in my life has something so inexplicable happened that I haven’t known what to do with the memory of the event. What I narrate here is one such event. It happened many years ago now, but my … Continue reading

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A Short Fuse

I apologize if I have been rude to you.  I lashed out at a friend the other day.  I just lost my temper.  I have not felt very well put together of late. I seem to have little margin to … Continue reading

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