Preemptive Strike

Of course, if you see it coming, it is nice to avoid the potholes of life. But if you weren’t born yesterday, you are well aware that potholes sometimes leap out at you from behind a rock.

Long ago, nearly a century now, there lived a little girl who liked to play outside. She wasn’t very old, and unfortunately, there was a bully who lived nearby. He was much bigger than she was and very mean. His name was Charles. He loved to bully others, in particular, if the others were smaller than he.

The little girl in this story had a toy vacuum cleaner, and one day she took it outside to play. Perhaps she thought it would be fun to vacuum the lawn and sidewalk. But while she was playing, an idea entered into her dear little head. She decided to make a preemptive strike.

She did not consult with anyone regarding her decision. Instead, she went in search of the ruffian Charles. Then, quite calmly, she picked up her toy vacuum cleaner and bopped him on his head. The lad Charles ran home crying to Mommy.

The wee lass cured the young Charles of his bullying ways. He never bothered her again.

I always loved this story, although it is a lesson I occasionally need to revisit. Thank you, Mom!

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  1. Jan Seibel says:

    Great story!! There comes a time we will have to stand up for ourselves!

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