On the Subject of Men

This last weekend I had a wonderful time with my daughter’s family, who drove to Ohio from Missouri to spend time with me and take some of their belongings home. It was a wonderful balm to my heart to have them visit. Although we have video chats and talk on the phone, I hadn’t gotten to hug them for a year. I got to hold and hug my grandchildren: ask any grandmother, or Nana, in my case, it is a treat. I am so thankful that they were able to make the trip.

Now they are back home, and I am pondering the way I spend my days. I have plenty of work to do and projects to tackle. Thanks to my daughter and son-in-law, I now have three additional bookcases for my home. Two of which are going into my office. That will help tame the second to last wilderness area of my house. But there is more to life than shelving books and taming the wilderness. Today I looked at prelude and postlude music for the organ as I have a funeral to play for this weekend. Those are worthy tasks. But life is more than projects and responsibilities.

After Ron died, it seemed only nanoseconds later that several friends and even some family members told me to never close the door on getting married again. I have closed that door. Permanently. I wrote about it here: When The River Won’t Flow: This Widow’s View of Men

That said, I like having male friends. Men think differently than women. Men look at the world differently than women. I like having conversations with friends who are men.

I have several male friends I talk to on the phone now and then. I have a guy friend with whom I’m planning to have lunch on the day that I drive up to the cemetery to see Ron’s & my headstone finished and in place.  I’m looking forward to that.

There are several male bloggers who I don’t know from Adam, but whose blogs I love to read because they look at the world so differently than I do. I have three brothers; all three are unique, intelligent, and can be quite entertaining. But periodically, it is nice to talk with people who aren’t your kith and kin.

I am not interested in anything romantic. I’ve had the best of the best. I am a widow, but I am very married. Sometimes it is just pleasant to talk with someone whose brain is wired differently than yours. 


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  1. Jan Seibel says:

    Beautiful sentiments and quite worthy. I agree with you about our differences. After all God made us that way for a reason. Hopefully soon, the rhythm of life will fall into place. After I wrote that phrase it took me back to one of my favorite choir pieces, maybe you remember it! Those were fun times!

  2. AECRM says:

    I do remember it! Indeed they were fun times. There may yet be more of them. We are all in good hands. Thanks, for writing, Jan! — Ann

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