On Manure – Some Doggerel

When you have a tough problem that plagues you
And you’ve added some worry and stress
You will notice a sweet smell arising:
‘tis a mountain of dung you possess!

Adding worry won’t lesson your burden
Quite the opposite thing then occurs
You must then be more careful and watchful
Lest you find some has clung to your spurs.

Let’s just stop all the fretting and worry
It won’t add nothin’ good to your plight
Now the burden that plagues and upsets you
has increased to a scary new height!

Shedding tears of distress will not help you
Ringing hands, pacing floors, ain’t no good:
On your shoulders the worry is weighty
Cast it off, and relax, as you should.

Heed the words of my kindly old father
When a heap of that dung is at hand
Tuck your jeans in your boots and keep shoveling
And in time you will find life is grand.

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