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As Bunny Watson (Katharine Hepburn) replied to Richard Sumner (Spencer Tracy), in the 1957 movie, Desk Set. . . “I associate many things with many things.”desk set

I first used this picture for a blog post in 2015 — Called Pouring the Wine, Part 1.  At that time, I had been thinking a lot about life, liturgy, missed opportunities and creating events.

Thinking of picnics often reminds me of my dear Ron, who was always game for yet another picnic.  These days I don’t have a ready volunteer to have a picnic with, in the brr cold winter on a rooftop in New York.  I should add, that as much as I love movies and picnics, this would not have been my choice of location.  But, like Bunny Watson famously declared, I associate many things with many things.

Yesterday I wrote the last of the thank you notes to friends and family in response to the kindnesses they showed to me when my husband died.   Next week I will finish the thank you letters to the remaining four doctors who tended to Ron near the end of his life.

The loss of your best friend and spouse is difficult at any time.  But that loss coming in the midst of social distancing during the much-feared and deadly plague is more difficult yet.   I have been so focused on my own loss that I have spared little time for what others are, or might be, going through.

There are some among us who are themselves in the army of workers fighting to stop the spread of the dread disease.  People are distracted with their own situations and sometimes we don’t even know how they are faring.

Reach out.  Be kind.  Show empathy.  Have a virtual picnic.  Pray for the widows and orphans, those on the front lines, those under lock-down serving our country.  Love your neighbor.  Say your prayers.

Be Brave.  We are in good hands.  Thanks be to God.




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  1. Jan Seibel says:

    Yes, yes we are!! Thank you God!

  2. So true.  I, too, find myself locked away in my apartment (almost literally) worrying about my own (very relevant) bodily needs — food, toilet paper, medicine, toilet paper, replacing my two old pair of lounge pants which finally broke the tie-string on the waste and would no longer hold up, toilet paper, getting to Walmart in the hopes that they have replenished their toilet paper (as of today they have not), beer.  Lots of other people have far more desperate worries than I do; and other people are going out to bring food, medicine, etc. to others; I received a dinner package from my church on Sunday.  And I know my pastor is extra-busy, having added preparing YouTube broadcasts of our Sunday and Wednesday worship services and sermons. We do need to get the focus off of ourselves sometimes and care for our neighbor in need. Mark

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