Love. Times Three


Today is July thirty-first, which is a very important day for my brothers and me, as well as for our children and grandchildren down the line. On this day, seventy-eight years ago, our parents were married. I have written about them before, but the telling of their love never gets old. They were each others’ intellectual equals; they were people of faith and thus believers in the Kingdom of Heaven; they loved history, literature, politics, picnics, and yes, they loved their children and grandchildren. They never ceased to be in love.


Today, July thirty-first has traditionally been an excuse for a celebration between my husband Ron and me on the occasion of our half-year anniversary. Historically, we have always celebrated on this day, usually with a picnic lunch somewhere. We had our own picnic table at Saguaro National Park East in Tucson, Arizona, almost always with little ground squirrels watching nearby.


But this year, these loving anniversaries are overshadowed by love and concern for one person very much on our minds and hearts. Sonja is a young woman we care about very much and whose parents are dear friends of ours. Both Sonja and her medical team need prayers. Her sister has started a Go Fund Me account to help with the medical expenses. Please read Sonja’s story, and if you can donate something, please do. If you know someone who would be willing to give something, please share this with them. If you are unable to provide financial help, nevertheless please pray. Please pray that the organs that she needs become available, that the double organ transplant is successful, and that she gets some financial support. I’m asking you to be a prayer warrior for our friend Sonja. I’ve never made such a request before – but then, I’ve never known someone in the position that Sonja is in. Open the link below and read about her history and situation. Please. Pray. Help. On this day – let us work together to show that love can triumph.

Sonja’s Double Organ Transplant


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