Location, Location, Location

As they often say in the Real Estate Business, Location is everything. Thinking about some of the crazy headstones I’ve seen, it may be that location is also crucial at the cemetery. I am writing this late at night on Wednesday night, May 20th, in anticipation of a visit to be shown cemetery real estate on Thursday, May 21st.

We are not going to write something crazy on his headstone. We have standards. (The fact that we enjoy other people writing crazy things on their headstones is totally beside the point.) We are above all of that.

We are striving to have a tasteful headstone with a cross at the top, and our last name carved on the front. Perhaps some delicate decorations near the top. In fact, something just like this:

It may be a balancing act. I wouldn’t like to think that I’ve parked his remains in such a high brow neighborhood that everyone is aloof and superior. On the other hand, a slightly ornamented headstone with a cross and his last name in a sea of markers with flashy or bawdy humor couldn’t be bourne either. Seriously. Let me remind you, we do have standards.

Now that I’ve thought out loud about the scales weighing my decision, I will pay close attention to the locations we see to determine if I can navigate a happy medium. And speaking of mediums, we’re having none of that.

PostScript, after my cemetery visit:
The neighborhood is superb! About three rows over at 2:00, a family headstone is in view. My parents! That would have pleased my husband, and it delights me. We will be on familiar turf!


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2 Responses to Location, Location, Location

  1. Jan Seibel says:

    Awesome!!! There are also distant neighbors on the other side I do believe, my grandparents and someday my mom! If I could talk my southern Ohio husband into it, I’d be there too! It really is a beautiful place!
    I love this Ann and adding the humor makes it so much more bearable. I’m glad you found an “acceptable “ neighborhood!

  2. AECRM says:

    Jan — that is excellent news! The neighborhood has really gone up in my estimation! Thanks for checking in & leaving a note!

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