I Can’t

I do not have it in me to fight culture wars.

It hasn’t yet been three months since Ron died — and I do not have it in me to engage in much of anything on social media.

Except, when people ask for prayers.  I can do that.

I can smile at fun family photos, leave my friends’ birthday and anniversary wishes.

I can offer my condolences when they are mourning the loss of someone they care about.

But today I can’t write a real blog post.  So instead, with just few moments left before publishing time,  I have written:   I Can’t.

Instead of writing a real blog post, I went out for my first bike ride on one of the two bikes which Ron and I bought in Arizona.  That was healing.  I wish he had been with me to go exploring.  But he is dead and I am not.

Culture wars are more than this 62 widow can deal with.   Forgive me for not spending hours fact-checking.  If you want to, have at it.  If you want to fight the culture wars,  have at it.

I don’t have sufficient courage, strength or tears left.

I just can’t.









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  1. Jan Seibel says:

    I totally understand….I have worn thin too…break at a moments notice as well.
    Praying God will heal this land and my soul from the pain that is all around us.

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