Hope Above Our Pay Grade

Life is complicated, and every day we have to make judgments about other people. Are they trustworthy, competent, honest, safe, dependable, and who they say they are? We may need to hire a caregiver, a babysitter, an electrician, a tutor, or a plumber. Routine issues that might surface when we least expect it and which force us to search, vet and decide whom to hire. Sometimes we get a recommendation that proves to be disastrous. We can never assume or park our due diligence at the door.

On the other hand, we also learn over the years, which of our friends or acquaintances will talk behind our backs, be indiscreet about something we shared, or judgemental and superior regarding our faults, failings, imperfections. We may discover that people we trusted have made judgments about us, our actions, or about those we care about, which were not accurate, helpful, or kind.

But what Scripture tells us, over and often, is that we are to love one another. I interpret that to mean that I am to love my husband and extended family, and show kindness while giving help and encouragement to others. I am also to pray for all those I know in need of prayers. 

My husband will tell you that I say over and often, “I am so thankful that I am not God!” It is above my pay grade to play judge and jury of others’ personal lives.  I don’t know the whole story.

I am also thankful that other people are not God. My sins and failures are many, and some go back decades in time. I have confessed sin and gone to the table of the Lord to receive grace. Despite that, I am still occasionally haunted by some of my choices. Thankfully, I have learned that there is nowhere to turn but to the Lord of Life.

God calls us to turn around and cling to him. How we accomplish this may be quite different for each of us. But we can each learn to:
— love our neighbor
— care for the widowed and orphaned
— pray for those who persecute us
and above all else, trust in the Lord.

Life isn’t always smooth or easy. Despite our lowly pay grade — The Lord of Life gives us hope!   We may be of good cheer.  The Lord, our God, loves us and promises that He will not forsake us.

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4 Responses to Hope Above Our Pay Grade

  1. Lester Callif says:

    With you: “I am so thankful that I am not God!” … This article is so timely. We had our vents cleaned for a low $7 / vent/return. I trusted that they would do a good job, especially since I have no way to prove that the vents are any cleaner. Just before he was done, he presented me with other options, which came to a whopping $1,600+… From $126 to $1,600… Diminished trust.

    I truly miss my career, but I do not miss not being able to trust a vast majority of my co-workers or Clients. Day after day, dagger after dagger. Nope, I do not miss it.

    Most of my friends are people that I have known for years. Some friends have been removed, some temporary, others will never be allowed back in.

    Sins and failures, way too many to remember, let alone list. I try to do better and learn from my mistakes. And I try my best to do the right thing, even if it may not be the right thing for me…..

  2. Jan Seibel says:

    I’m so thankful that God has it all under control and he doesn’t need my help.
    All I need to do is listen and take action. When I’m stubborn or when I mess up He’s still there encouraging me to do what’s right.

  3. GodsGadfly says:

    This is beautiful. I needed this very much.

  4. Judith McCorkle says:

    My bible study group is currently studying 1 Corinthians, and we are in Chapter 6. So far Paul has a lot to say about judgment, and it is a little puzzling. I think based on my reading of other bible passages that God calls us to discern what is right and wrong and make decisions based on that. We have had quite an intensive discussion on this topic and I look forward to studying the rest of the book with them. And the passages about not continuing in habitual sin are very humbling and sobering.

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