Courage in the Public Square

Some days I wake up and feel as if I can take on the world. But in point of fact, I am tired, and these days the world is not a forgiving place. If you have an opinion and dare to voice it publicly, it needs sturdy roots to stand up to intense scrutiny.

I read a persuasive article yesterday that had extensive quotes purportedly by George Soros. I briefly researched the journal’s reliability but unearthed nothing in the middle, only absolute judgments, pro, and con. That seems to mirror where we are as a nation.

I retreat and wait. Many seem ready to kick ass and take names.
I do not have it in me.
I am tired of attack.
I am tired of grief.
I am worn.
I wait.

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  1. These are times when the monastic discipline of quiet prayer, study and reflection are more appropriate than public action. More and more the monastic attitude — maybe monasteries themselves — seem like the natural home for genuine Christians –“the Benedict Option” as it is being discussed in theological circles. I agree with much of it. When no one is listening, and everyone is screaming their opinion at no one and everyone, the Christian response may be to step back in silence and see what God does with all the uncivil, brutal, angry, destructive things going on.

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