My husband and I both loved our morning brew but noticed that our mug collection was aging. In some ways, it seemed to be growing exponentially, but the hard truth was that while we got a very few new mugs over the years, we had a tough time even thinking about getting rid of our old friends. Some are very old friends. Truth be told, some are sexagenarians! But we carefully balanced them atop another in the back row. That way, we could at least be cheered by seeing them.

Ron lived most of his life in Arizona. He loved the outdoors, and he loved the whole state. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that he also enjoyed many Westerns filmed out in the rugged terrain. Probably his favorite western actor was the Duke, John Wayne. So, being a pushover for my husband, and a lover of Westerns myself, I searched for a coffee mug with the Duke. Success. I found one. I wrapped it up, and it instantly became my husband’s favorite mug.

After my husband’s death, I decided it was time I bought myself a new mug. I’m drinking from it as I write. It stands as a reminder. At rest, it stands atop the back row of cups to read every time I open the cupboard door. My husband did not live to see this mug, but he would have credited the quotation as applying to me.

Thank you, Ron, John, and William!





PS.  Be sure to read my blog post, coming out on 8/11/2020 around 1:00 p.m. Eastern time.  It is called Yesterday’s Mail.  It came with a gift — Here it is — only, mine is Silver!  bracelets-she-is-fierce-3

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5 Responses to Coffee

  1. Judith McCorkle says:

    This is an excellent way to honor Ron and continue on a tradition to inspire others!! I have a seasonal collection myself…

  2. Tammy Blackledge says:

    I adore your article’s Ann! This is just another so precious! I know Ron is smiling down every time he sees you read it ❤️ 😇

  3. Jan Seibel says:

    Great story! We too enjoy our morning coffee! For us we have mugs from special places we have been or lately gifts from special people. So every time we use a certain mug we think of that person or place. It takes us back to a special time. 💕

  4. Patricia says:

    My mother had 1 large mug of coffee every morning and 2 cigarettes. That was her time with God. She never missed the 5:00am time alone. She would watch the sun rise in perfect peace. One Christmas i gave her a bigmmug and saucer set and she loved it. Thanks for the memory.

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