Cemetery Real Estate

My eye plumbing has worked a bit of overtime these last couple of months, but my days have been littered with laughter as well. That is a good thing as my dear husband enjoyed a laugh, and would have been whispering deliciously wicked wit in my ear if I were too gloomy for too long.

Now begins my tour of cemetery real estate. I have an appointment this week to see a few of the options available to us. I have to include my better half in this, (note the preceding plural: available to us), as he got me into this. As Benjamin Franklin so wisely said: “In this world, nothing can be certain, except death and taxes.”

As I’ve confessed in earlier blog posts, I do think there are occasionally funny things connected with death, such as my dear husband’s obituary, which he drafted, and which mentioned pirating days in Tortuga. I’m not sure whether there are specifically funny things about cemetery real estate. I have, however, seen some humorous, and occasionally biting quotes on headstones.

It occurs to me that it might be wise to consider the plots next door. If you have funny stuff on the plot next door, the traffic might spill over into your yard. So, I will try to remember to check out the neighbors.

When next I write I will try to provide a progress report.


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3 Responses to Cemetery Real Estate

  1. Delightfully funny headstones !!  Glad you are able to see some humor in all of this.  I love witty and funny headstones; send more if you get the urge !! Mark

  2. Beverly Salgado says:

    These are great headstones! I am glad you are able to have some laughs now and then. Laughter is so good for the soul!!! I think we all could use a little more these days! Thank you, Ann!!!
    Take care and stay well!!

  3. Jan Seibel says:

    Love these stones, haha! I so enjoy looking at tombstones and seeing the differences and also the type of speech for the time period. Pictures also draw the attention and sometimes even sports themes or a favorite animal. They very well can speak of a persons personality!

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