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Home Bound Christian

As readers of my blog no doubt know, I am a Christian who has attended and been a member of a Lutheran church.  We had education woes when our daughter was young, and for several years, we homeschooled our daughter … Continue reading

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Sobriety, Depression, and Answered Prayers

A dear friend of mine wrote this — and it so touched my heart that I had to share. Thank you, Jami!

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An Insider’s View of Depression, Anxiety, Thoughts of Suicide, and Traveling the Road

Dear Friends and Readers of When the River Won’t Flow, Twice before I have posted something written by others. Today I want to share a very special piece written by a dear friend of mine, who has remained my friend … Continue reading

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Debt and Life

After writing about the Love of Money, talking about debt seems natural. Having a debt load hanging over you is not good. It isn’t good because of what it does to you; it isn’t good because of what it keeps … Continue reading

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I read this on my friend’s Facebook page yesterday. I asked him if I could share it on my blog and he graciously agreed. This is much different than what I talked about in Wanting a Seat in the Pew….but … Continue reading

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In the face of evil

Congregational life in a church can be very supportive, happy, helpful. But life isn’t lived in platitudes. I remember a few days after the attacks on 9/11 sitting in a drive through line at the bank and seeing a large … Continue reading

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