An Insider’s View of Depression, Anxiety, Thoughts of Suicide, and Traveling the Road

Dear Friends and Readers of When the River Won’t Flow,
Twice before I have posted something written by others. Today I want to share a very special piece written by a dear friend of mine, who has remained my friend since meeting in high school long ago in Toledo, Ohio. Allow me to say that it was a very long time ago indeed!
I am glad to say that we have kept in touch across many miles throughout all of the years. Although we shared many of the big personal news items with each other, many parts of his journey were still unknown to me and some of which I only learned about quite recently. If you find yourself dealing with some of the same issues as Les, I hope that what he has written will help you.
Perhaps you are one of those people like me, who is living or has lived, on the other side of a relationship with someone who has some or all of these issues. If so, you may feel a sense of frustration and an inability to make sense of much of what lies behind the actions, words or withdrawal of someone you love or care about. What Les has written has helped me a great deal, and I hope that it may be of help to you or someone you care about.
So without further ado, let me introduce my friend to you. His name is Les, and today he is writing about depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide and the road that he has traveled. He originally posted a version of this on Facebook, and I got in touch with him this weekend and asked him if he would allow me to post this on my blog. He has graciously agreed.les-1


les-2img_1672Dexter is Les’ Therapy dog, he is the one on the right
he is with his good friend Sky





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