A Short Fuse

I apologize if I have been rude to you.  I lashed out at a friend the other day.  I just lost my temper.  I have not felt very well put together of late. I seem to have little margin to shrug things off. I am suffering from grief. What are you suffering from? Are you worried about the health of someone you care for, the loss of work, or the drop in income? Do you, too, feel that you have a short fuse about life in general?

In my own experience, it helps to have people you can turn to who will keep you in their prayers and also lend an ear to your fears or concerns. I have some of those in my life, and I hope that you do too. That can make a lot of difference in difficult and trying times.

But I have also lost some friends since my husband died. It saddens me, but I don’t know the reason. They just pushed the mute button or disappeared. Since none of us are omniscient, we have no way of knowing the totality of issues someone else is facing. So, all I know to do is to pray for them and reach out if that seems possible. We may need to pray for our friends while refraining from adding any pressure on them to explain their disappearance from our lives.

Life. Death. Plague. Friendship. It gets complicated. Don’t beat up yourself or others.

Trust in the Lord. Leave it to God.

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2 Responses to A Short Fuse

  1. Kathleen O Cartledge says:

    So timely to see this today. Grief is complicated, and bumpy, and a struggle. And I do have folks who pray for me, but knowing someone in my family is struggling, your blog reminded me to give others in the family a little space – room to love with error. I pray your friends find words when the time is right.

  2. Jan Seibel says:

    Knowing someone is praying for you is a great help, so are phone calls and
    notes. I personally have found this virus caused confinement, has caused short fuses in many people I know, including myself, even children! We all need each other to reach out and console our spirits or lift us up. We do need each other!

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