A Purchase, A Waitress, A Pig, and An Accident

I have mentioned in the last two blog posts that my refrigerator with freezer, along with my washing machine, had died. I called and scheduled two appliance wizards to come and tend to these appliances. The washing machine was easily repaired and has been employed ever since catching up with mounds of laundry. The cost of repairing the refrigerator was comparable to a brand new one. So, after church this last Sunday, I went shopping for a new refrigerator. I was successful in that mission.

On my drive home, I realized that I was famished. Except for the Eucharist that morning, I hadn’t had a thing to eat, and it was close to 3:00. Instead of driving home, I went straight to our local Bob Evan’s Restaurant. My excellent waitress, Jessica, listened to my appliance tale of woe in addition to serving me a delicious meal and keeping my coffee replenished. It appeared that things were looking up.

I got home and decided I had had enough and decided to chill in our home’s Rialto Theatre. Unfortunately, at some point in the proceedings, I tripped with a bottle of Coke and, unfortunately, saturated an elderly, historical, stuffed pig.

Once upon a time, while they were courting, my father confessed to my mother that he wanted to raise pigs. So my dear mother made him a stuffed pig who was wearing overalls.

Before laundering Mr. Pig, I took out all of his stuffing, but even so, it took four rides in the washing machine to get him close to clean. So, I am now repairing him with some new filling and replacing the lost handkerchief as well.

A postscript might be appropriate. Although there was evidence in our home of pigs, our dad became an attorney.

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3 Responses to A Purchase, A Waitress, A Pig, and An Accident

  1. This is one pig that will glow from the added love!

  2. Judith McCorkle says:

    What a cheerful blog!! I had a few chuckles, thanks!!

  3. John C says:

    That’s a cute story Anne, I’m sure he has recovered from his coke overdoseūüź∂

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