A Delightful Getaway

My parents loved any opportunity to flee their hometown and head for the rolling hills in Ohio. Beyond the beautiful landscape, I suspected my father enjoyed seeing horse-drawn buggies, and he certainly had a weakness for Amish baked pies. I find that I am most definitely his daughter! Decades later, the urge to escape into the countryside is hardwired into my heart.

Last week I accepted a most timely invitation to visit friends who own a farm a few hours drive south of me. (Which is why, if you noticed, I did not publish a blog entry on Friday, October 23rd.) Rather than jumping on the highway, I took backroads through small towns. It was wonderful. But their welcome was even better. I remembered a couple of things about their home, which I was last in probably twenty years ago.

I toured their beautiful home, watched as the combine harvested their corn, and took a little drive to see more of their farm and some of their cattle. After the fact, Jan told me I should have taken a ride on that combine. Nah, I don’t think so. But she did answer my question and reported that they have 29 cows, three heifers, and one Bull. I also learned a few things about meat!

We had a great visit, which included a few intriguing antique shops, a delicious lunch out, a working mill, a covered bridge, and the best tasting pie I’ve had in quite some time. This pie was homemade by my incredibly talented friend.

Grief is a hard taskmaster, but friendship and visits are blessed respites. I cannot sufficiently thank my friends for the relaxing, fun, adventure-filled weekend they gave me.

(Raspberry Buttermilk Crumb Pie)

I have given them fair warning that I have no intention of waiting another two decades before escaping to their blessed haven of a home again!

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6 Responses to A Delightful Getaway

  1. Charles R Georgi says:

    Looking at that pie, that would be a once a month spot for me.

  2. AECRM says:

    CRG — I dare not — but I sure understand — it tasted even better than it looks! Oh my!

  3. John Purvis says:

    It looks like a wonderful time, especially the pie!

  4. AECRM says:

    John — it was a very relaxing time. Just a delight to be with friends. But that pie — it was indeed delicious! — Ann

  5. Jan Seibel says:

    I can not wait! The visit was healing for me as well. Refreshing our minds with pleasantries of times past, remembering good friends and times had together…still so much to reminisce about.
    There are more pies where that one came from! 😊❤️ So glad you came!!

  6. AECRM says:

    Jan — you & Larry were so kind to open your home to me. It was such a blessing to escape for a while & spend time with you & see your neck of the woods. I cannot explain how healing that visit was. Thank you, both! Ann PS — I need pies like a hole in the head — but still make one! 🙂

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