A Chronology of Cats

When I was just a little girl, a neighbor down the street found a stray mama cat who gave birth to four kittens. I had never had a pet before, so I asked my parents if they might let me have one of these. I hoped against hope that perhaps they would let me. I didn’t get an answer for a while.

Then one day, my mother had to go to the A & P grocery store. [If you want to read something interesting, check out what Wikipedia says about The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company]. After my mom had gotten her groceries, she pulled up in front of the library, gave me her library card, and told me to ask at the desk for the book they were holding for her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was all about CATS!

I knew I had the best Mommy & Daddy on the planet! Thus began my life with cats. Not only would they let me have a cat. They said that perhaps the kitten would be happier with a sibling. So I didn’t just get one; I got two cats, and I got to name them. I called them Rainbow and Smokey.

I thought they were the best cats on the planet. I loved them both very much. After some years, Smokey was in an accident and went home to meet his Maker.

But our much loved Rainbow lived many more years with us. Here is a picture of him lolling about in our backyard. He was such a wonderful cat.

Some years later, one of my three big brothers received a cat who he named Phredric Phredricson. He seemed to be especially enthralled watching my goldfish swim around. I must confess to being slightly nervous, but he was a good boy.

In 1972, we got a cat that we named Otto von Bismarck. Otto particularly liked keeping our dad company when eating breakfast or reading the newspaper.

When walking home from school, I often found Otto waiting for me next to the mailbox at the NE corner of Wellesley Drive and Upton Avenue. When I arrived, we would walk home together.

My parents had one car, so Dad often came home from work on the bus. Otto would walk with me to the bus stop on the SE corner of Wellesley Drive and Upton Avenue and calmly wait until my Dad would get off the bus, and then the three of us would walk home together. Otto was a remarkable cat.

Decades later, our daughter wanted to get a cat. Her Dad and I agreed that she could get one, and she did. She also got the chance to name her cat. She called him Radcliffe Jellylorum. Radcliffe after Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter Fame, and Jellylorum from the inspiration provided by T. S. Elliot’s poem “The Naming of Cats.”

Radcliffe was primarily an indoor cat but eventually had to move across the country from South Carolina to Arizona.  He proved he was an excellent traveler. He had never had to wear a harness before, but as we made the trip over several days, he had to learn.

Radcliffe bore the travel well and enjoyed exploring our new house. He was only allowed outside our Arizona home if we had to take him somewhere. We had heard stories of birds of prey snatching pets from their yards.

He loved being with his human family and sometimes added his paw to our joined hands when watching a movie.

Radcliffe enjoyed a quiet life but perked right up when he could watch the rabbits outside the windows of our home. We occasionally referred to this as Bunny TV.

Unfortunately, old age caught up with our much-loved Radcliffe Jellylorum. He died and is buried in Arizona.

Sometime later, my dear husband suggested it might be time for us to move to my home state, where I have family, friends, and familiar turf.

In the intervening years, I have missed the company of a cat. Is adopting a senior cat in my future? We shall see. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Please like, subscribe, and leave your comment below!

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4 Responses to A Chronology of Cats

  1. Judy McCorkle says:

    Get a cat after your trip this summer. Get an older cat. You can foster then adopt. This way you will be certain to get the right cat. Then write about him/her!!!!!

  2. AECRM says:

    Thanks, Judy, for your comments — they sound like excellent advice! If you can tell me how I can get more readers to comment as you have, I would love it!

  3. I love your stories about all the cats in your life! I know I’d like to hear at least one more! I know that the companionship we give and receive is beyond measure, worth any amount of effort. I want to see that childhood smile reenacted!

  4. AECRM says:

    Thanks, Kathie! I’ll see what I can do about that!

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