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If you’ve checked in here before you’ll have heard that I started this blog years ago when I was hungry for a place to worship. My husband Ron and I had moved to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, and we were having trouble finding a church home. You can read about that beginning here:  Wanting a Seat in the Pew

Now Ron and I are wanderers again. In September 2018 we sold our 2006 Arizona house and bought an old 1855 Victorian era home in Ohio. Our church home is still in Tuscon, Arizona and the commute is a wee tad prohibitive.

We are busy trying to tame our new old house as we continue unpacking boxes, hanging pictures, figuring where to set up studio space (BTW, yes, Leslie, I found the stones needed to fix your bracelet), get estimates for work to be done, and so on. Some of our friends seem to be wondering if we have fallen off the planet. Perhaps it is telling that I ordered our 2018 Christmas cards two days ago.

Sure would appreciate some random blog surfers, friends, family, anyone who would be willing to cheer me on. No one who doesn’t need cheering would be writing this stuff at this hour.  Seriously folks.

Ann Miko,
1:15 a.m. January 3rd, 2019 somewhere in small-town Ohio


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